Prime Minister Galab Donev meets Hungary’s President Katalin Novák


Prime Minister Galab Donev met with Mrs. Katalin Novák, President of Hungary, who is on an official visit to Bulgaria. During the discussion, Prime Minister Galab Donev expressed his confidence that the visit is a demonstration of the fruitful cooperation between Bulgaria and Hungary. The Prime Minister emphasized the friendship between the two countries, which is based, in addition to the diplomatic relations of more than a hundred years, on the deep historical and cultural ties between the two peoples.


Prime Minister Galab Donev pointed out that Hungary is an important economic partner of Bulgaria and is among the main foreign investors in our country. The Prime Minister highlighted the progress in economic cooperation in recent years and confirmed Bulgaria’s ambition to further develop this potential.


Prime Minister Galab Donev emphasized, inter alia, the Caretaker Government’s hard work to guarantee the energy security for Bulgaria and for the region through diversification, which means new possible sources of supply for Central Europe as well, Hungary included. Thereby, the Prime Minister emphasized the importance of cooperation between Bulgaria and Hungary in the development of the Vertical Gas Corridor that would further contribute to the energy security and market integration by means of the diversification of the sources and routes of energy supply.


At the close of the meeting, Prime Minister Galab Donev expressed his confidence that in the future Bulgaria and Hungary would continue to successfully upgrade their relations and to work for the prosperity of their citizens and for peace and security in Europe.