Prime Minister Galab Donev: The cabinet continues to push Bulgaria closer to the Maastricht inflation criteria


The European Commission will continue to support the Government’s effort and to work closely with the authorities so that Bulgaria joins the Eurozone successfully. The statement was made by Valdis Dombrovskis, Executive Vice President of the European Commission, after his meeting with Prime Minister Galab Donev. Mr. Dombrovskis emphasized the tangible effects for the economy and for the citizens of Bulgaria from the accession to the Eurozone and said that 1 January 2025 could be a possible date for accession.

Prime Minister Galab Donev emphasized the consistent efforts of the previous and of the present caretaker government to control inflation and to find a workable solution to the energy crisis in the country. The Prime Minister pointed out that as a result of the Government’s measures inflation indexes already went down and that the cabinet continues to work to achieve price stability so as to push Bulgaria closer to the Maastricht inflation criteria.

Further Prime Minister Galab Donev stressed the importance of the legislation to be enacted so that the regulatory framework of Bulgaria is aligned to that of the Eurozone. The Prime Minister expressed his hope that the next National Assembly would pass the laws that are important for the country’s future and assured that the Caretaker Government would consider again the bills required and submit them to Parliament.

Prime Minister Galab Donev emphasized the monitoring on the budget deficit movements. “We will do our best to submit to the National Assembly a draft budget that meets the Maastricht criteria,” Galab Donev said and added that the Members of Parliaments would have the final say on the matter.