Prime Minister Galab Donev: Results of what we have achieved change the lives of people in Bulgaria for the better


“When this Caretaker Government took office on 2 August 2022, I promised Bulgarian citizens that we would not play a B Division team in the administration of the state. I thank you that you lived up to my trustworthy expectations. If I am to make a short presentation of our cabinet, I will note that it is the longest-running interim cabinet and a cabinet that was not given even 100 hours of confidence to be enjoyed in advance and, most importantly, it is a cabinet of teamwork.


“Some time ago I mentioned that the best way to parry unfounded accusations and lies is to produce real results of a work well done. Now that our term in office is about to end, it is time to mention what we did while others were talking. Today’s open report session gives a good example of accountability in the exercise of power. And it is possible to install a good institutionalized framework. Because accountability is a fundamental principle of good governance. Unfortunately, this principle has been neglected by the Executive branch of power. Except for the recent caretaker government, since 2009 none of the governments has presented an account of its actions upon the expiration of its full or limited term in office.


“I will clarify that we have not assembled here to report activities or to boast in a controlled environment. We are here to present the results of our activities that have changed the lives of people in Bulgaria for the better. The results that we have achieved are to be attributed mainly to the principle of teamwork and to improved coordination within the Executive and also to our partnership with the local authorities and the NGOs.


“We have found a state on standby where the interactions between and among the institutions were severed. The progress made to improve the communication and coordination within the Executive branch of power is invisible but should not be underestimated because the efficiency of governance depends on it.”