Prime Minister Galab Donev: All EU stands to gain from Bulgaria’s accession to Schengen


Accession to Schengen remains a priority for Bulgaria. The accession will bring about stronger economic cooperation and, in addition, better protection of external borders and all the European Union stands to gain from that. This is what Prime Minister Galab Donev said after his meeting with Austria’s Federal Chancellor Karl Nehammer at the government’s headquarters. Prime Minister Galab Donev expressed his hope that today’s visit of the Austrian Federal Chancellor to Bulgaria would contribute to the positive development of this issue which is important for Bulgaria and also for Austria and for the EU.


“It is our common interest to solve the problems arising from the increased migration pressure towards the EU and to work to strengthen confidence and security in the Schengen Area,” Prime Minister Galab Donev stated. He welcomed the agreement of the joint Action Plan between Austria and Bulgaria on the prevention of illegal migration as it would further strengthen bilateral cooperation in this important field.


Prime Minister Galab Donev pointed out that Bulgaria regards Austria as a traditional economic partner and considers the Austrian people a friendly and close people. “We hope to expand and strengthen our cooperation in the field of security and the Schengen Area and also in the field of economy, culture, science, tourism and in all areas of mutual interest,” the Prime Minister said. Galab Donev expressed confidence that the current visit of Austria’s Federal Chancellor Karl Nehammer would help strengthen and promote cooperation between Bulgaria and Austria.